Insemination fee: €850 incl. VAT
(€250 for the first insemination, remaining balance due
should this result in pregnancy) Only fresh semen

Breeding license
Corrado is licensed by OS International.

2013 stud terms

  • All breeders who utilise the services of our stud farm must accept the following conditions, as well as the stud and insemination terms of the relevant associations.
  • Stud season commences on 1 February and ends on 31 July.
  • Please place your order for semen by calling +49 (0)4244 918 8731 or +49 (0)151 4001 8463, or by sending a fax to +49 (0)4244 918 8631 by 9 a.m. to ensure same-day dispatch. Ensure you provide the following information:
- Desired stallion
- Name and full address of mare owner
- Full details on the mare (name, Universal Equine Life Number, descent, age)
- Breeding association to be notified of the insemination
- Delivery address
- Name and address of vet to perform insemination
  • A stud contract is to be drawn up prior to the first covering. The relevant stud certificates are to be submitted to the stallion owner, not to the vet, at the beginning of the season.
  • Semen shipping costs will be borne by the breeder and invoiced separately.

Overnight deliveries can be made within Germany on every day but Sunday. A price list can be obtained from the veterinary clinic.
  • The stud fee consists of the final price incl. VAT and is due once the invoice has been drawn up. Presenting the stud certificate, and passing it on to the association, will only take place once the stud fee has been paid.
  • Rules governing stud fees: there will be a €250 charge for the first insemination of a mare. The remaining amount will be due should this result in pregnancy – but is no longer payable if it is proven that a mare is not in foal. A certificate from a veterinarian confirming the lack of pregnancy must be provided by 31/08/2012.
  • Insemination can be conducted at grounds within a radius of approx. 50 kilometres. Coverings will only be conducted following follicle checks. Ultrasound and pregnancy tests will be invoiced separately by the veterinarian. Healthcare services will be provided by veterinarian Dr Andreas Lange of the veterinary clinic he runs with Dr Janetzko in Garrel, Varrelbusch. Swabs must be taken from barren mares (not including maiden mares).
  • Stalls and pastures are available for the purposes of accommodation. The daily charge for mares stands at €8, and at €10 for mares with foals. Mares are boarded at their owners’ risk.
  • Upon delivery of the mare or semen order, the customer accepts the terms and conditions, and stud terms. The place of fulfilment and jurisdiction is the stallion owner’s stables.